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We are your only connection to the best Custom Dressage Equipment in the United States. We believe that "The Right Equipment Makes The Difference". Custom saddles and bridles by world renowned Saddle Makers; DC Custom, Jochen Hennig, Passier, Schumacher, Stubben and Schleese.  We are the nation's leader in designing the most elegant custom Konigs Dressage Boot.  Combined with the boot measuring talent and system of Charles Tota you are assured a perfect look and fit.



Saddles by world renowned saddle makers; DC Custom, Jochen Hennig, Passier, Stubben, Schleese and Roosli. From fully customized to our standard versions, all saddles can be custom fit to both horse and rider.

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Leather Strap Goods

Custom and stock bridles by DC Custom, Hennig, Schumacher, Stubben, and Passier. Passier, Stubben If you need a weymouth bridle, snaffle bridle, browband, fancy browband, noseband, crank noseband, bradoon hanger, cheek pieces, padded crown, cutout heads

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Boots & Apparel

The finest show clothes by DC Custom, Pikeur, Kentucky, Grand Prix, Cavallo ,Konigs and more. Look your best by choosing from our large selection of Shadbellys, short coats, show shirts, stock ties, breeches and more. Helmets by One K, GPA and Charles Owen.

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Riding Accessories

Everything that you could need. Gloves by Rockel, SSG and Newman and more. Bits by Herm Springer and more. Whips, Horsewear, Saddle pads and all barn necessities.

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How to measure for boot

How To Do A Wither Tracing